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Finding a great college or university is about finding the one that’s right for you is the philosophy we embrace and encourage at Cardinal Mooney.


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Counselors encourage all students to begin exploring their interests and passions throughout high school. Preparation for accomplishing post-high school plans should not wait until senior year. The academic services department at Cardinal Mooney High School offers our students the opportunity to begin exploring their interests and abilities through group and individual meetings throughout high school.

学生 will be making many complex choices throughout high school. The goal is for each student (with the support of their school counselor, 老师, and parents) to proactively spend the time and effort needed to conduct their own research and determine their own path.

The post high school planning process is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop communication and interpersonal skills and to really get to know what various careers and colleges have to offer them. Being active in this process will help students when they need to make the decision on their final plans after high school and about which college, career or work opportunity is the best fit.

The college counseling office encourages students to seek a college or university which is both academically challenging and suited to his or her intellectual level. We make every effort to suggest to each student, schools which will be sufficiently stimulating without being overpowering. In recent years, most members of each senior class have been accepted at their first-choice colleges. The decisions are the students in partnership with their families and we want them to be supported in doing their  research, completing applications, and meeting deadlines.


College planning timelines


Naviance/Family connection is a web-based software program used by Cardinal Mooney’s Guidance/College Counseling office to manage the college application process.  It is a comprehensive tool that enables students to explore careers and colleges and become actively involved in the college planning process. 通过它, we are able to share important 信息 with you about upcoming events, local scholarship opportunities, and other college-related 信息.  Beginning in the Spring of your 初级 year, Naviance/Family Connection will become a critical tool in the college application process as it is the platform from which all college application materials are assembled and electronically delivered to colleges and universities.


The Canvas Learning Management System is the online classroom software used by Cardinal Mooney High School. Canvas helps 老师 to assign work, receive and evaluate completed work from students, create online discussions, and manage many other functions of day-to-day learning. Canvas can make teaching and learning more effective by extending classrooms through the power of computers, 移动设备, 还有互联网.  It also contains modules where students and parents can access general school 信息, important guidance 信息 and documents regarding college, career and scholarship planning and community service opportunities.  Everything that you need to know about guidance and college planning is available on this site.